Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring is in the air...So lets have dinner

Okay, first let me say that I am aware that “technically” this blog post is not really fashion related. However it still involves my sewing machine so I think it counts. :-)

Now with that out the of the way, I am super excited to share my new project.--------------------------->>>>>>>>

So my mission is to recreate this gorgeous table setting I saw at my local pottery barn. It just took my breath away. What pulled the entire look together for me was their beautiful linen table runner. It is priced roughly at $80 bucks online. I think it really gives the table such glamor. So here is where my trusty sewing machine comes in. Instead of buying theirs for $80 bucks I am going to make my own for less than $20.

Now as for the color scheme, their flower selection includes a beautiful white, which to me does ring a little wedding-ish (which is not what I am going for) however I think its still beautiful. So to change it up, I am going for more of a spring flare, if you will. So the flower color I am using is a light pink. Most of the table settings I already have (like white plates, and silver flatware) but all the stuff that I end up purchasing I will keep a detailed tally of what I spent and where I got my supplies. Here are a few items I have already picked up. I picked up a beautiful glass vase at my local "Home Goods" for $14 bucks. I also picked up some floral pieces from "Pier 1" which were a little pricey but too beautiful for me to leave at the store. I got 6 stems (5 pink, 1 white) for $8.99 a piece which roughly came to a grand total of $56.

For my linen table runner. I picked up 4 yards of a linen /polyester fabric for $20 bucks at my local walmart. Now let me say, I did end up getting way to much fabric. I didn't have the measurements of my table when I went to the store (which is a no-no) so I over estimated. Plus I plan to make my own ruffles to match the fabric, so I got extra. But i wont need as much as I purchased. Please stay tuned for the finally results.

Xoxo - Sew Cute

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  1. Now why I couldn't see that Vase in Home Goods is a question beyond me lol