Sunday, June 22, 2014

The First Day of Summer...

Yippee!!!! Can we say Thank You Lord, the snow is gone!!!  I'm not sure about you but I am so done with snow. Not to mention all the cold weather had me in a funk.  So I am totally team Summer.   So with the new season comes new things.  So in the spirit of new things,  I decided to carve out some family time. Yup just me and my brother....sewing machine that is.  Yes, my trusty sewing machine. 
Both pattern pieces placed on the fold
So I dug around in my hefty fabric stash and found this beautiful pink paisley sheer fabric I picked up God only knows how long ago.   What to do what to do...I had couple of hours to burn before I hit the town with my Honey bunches, so why not make a quick sheer tank top.  So that's exactly what I did.  I found one of my favorite tank tops and used it to create a pattern.   I used the tank top and transferred my marking onto pattern paper, and from there I cut out the pattern and placed it on the  the fabric.  And then once the pattern pieces were cut out I sewed it together and here are the results.  I think its perfect for  summer.  Its not completely sheer where I felt it needed to be lined.  If I had used this fabric for a skirt it would have definitely added a lining.  So this is the first project of the year. I hope there are may more to come.  Hello Summer!!!
Completed Pink/Green Sheer Paisley Tank Top

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